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Singing A New Song

August 4, 2008

After the Worship God 08 conference, there is obviously a lot swimming around in my head – whether it is theological applications to my own heart or practical things to implement in the music&media ministry here at Lakeside.  The thing that my mind kept getting bombarded with during the conference is the huge opportunities we have at our church.  God has blessed our body with a passion for truth and as we all know, there is a huge need to spread that truth into our community and the greater Houston area but it the passion to make God’s name great has to begin with Him working in our own, individual hearts.  With music and media, Lakeside has done an awesome job of sticking to God’s Word and I am so thankful that the Lord would allow us to stay the course.  I pray that in the near future we would learn how to (and help others) express thankfulness, needs and suffering to God – all in line with His Word and out of a sincere, contrite heart before Him.  I pray we ourselves, will make everything we do focused and pointing to Christ, our great Savior.  I pray that we would not hold back, not settle for mediocrity, but strive to do our best at whatever we are doing whether it is editing a video, taking photos, making music or setting up stage equipment.  We have a unique opportunity to help others look upon Christ based on the truth in the Bible and I pray that we would fulfill what God would have us do through the tools and gifts He has given us.


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