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What Are You Doing Right Now?

July 20, 2009

Every Monday morning the Elders of Lakeside Bible Church discuss and pray for the local body.  Typically (for me personally) it is a time to sit and listen to the leaders of LBC (in whom  God is working, changing and imparting wisdom to) refine each other’s wisdom.  These are obviously not perfect men but the Holy Spirit uses their knowledge of His Word and their experiences to direct conversations.  This is especially beneficial to my heart as a spectator each week.

This morning a great conversation sprung up about what we, as God’s people, are investing our time and lives into.  What benefit is coming out of what we are doing with our lives…with our week…with our moments?  One of the comments made was, “I had been doing all of these things for twenty years and it got to the point where I had to say, ‘what am I doing right now?'”  It’s that age-old question – does what I am doing right now have any eternal impact?

If you are a leader in any way (at work, in ministry, in discipleship, as a spouse, as a parent, etc.) there is a further challenge – is what I am doing with the responsibilities given to me having any eternal impact?  That’s pressure!  But healthy and necessary pressure.

The take away from today’s meeting:  The older we get, the more time we are given on earth, we all tend to have an increase of impact and influence and as we continue to weigh the importance of our actions, we have to ask ourselves, “What is the eternal impact of what I am doing right now?”


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