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Seize The Day

February 9, 2011

I remember being a freshman at The Master’s College living upstairs in Hotchkiss Dorm on the wing that we so sacredly called Upper Back.  My roommate, Adam Powell, was also my RA and he served alongside a steller group of young men in the dorm carrying out the not-always-pleasant duties that are assigned to a Resident Assistant.  One night, I had my brother visiting late in the room as he and I were recording a CD (The Wellington Project…NZ01!!!) that would be a fundraiser for our upcoming Summer Missions Trip to New Zealand (missions, evangotourism, whatever you like).  Suddenly there was a loud, purposeful knock on my dorm room door and we stopped strumming our guitars.  I answered the door and there stood Matt Pearson, the RA from the wing below, and he was obviously tired and unhappy.

Matt was tall, and as he towered over me with a very seriously look he said in a low, trying-to-stay-calm voice, “Seriously?…”  My brother and I were obviously keeping him up.  That’s all he had to say and I got it.  I felt like I had woken the sleeping dragon and wanted to try and run but that wasn’t going to happen.  Thankfully, my life was spared and all we had to do to was put the guitars down.  But that was Matt.  He wasn’t a jerk, he just knew how to communicate with more than words and when he used words, in this case, he chose them wisely to get his point across.

Matt was known for three words in particular during that first year of my college experience – “Seize.  The.  Day.”  His wing lived by it.  They’re theme movie was Gladiator and I’ll never watch that movie again without thinking about, “Seize the day.”  Coming back this weekend from Winter Camp 2011, I was reminded of Matt’s mantra through the teaching of Nathan Busenitz.  Nate did an excellent job on Saturday Night demonstrating the scope of our life span here on earth compared to our lives in eternity and what it means to live for more than what is under the Sun.  When reflecting on such things, it causes me to want to resurrect that concept to seize the day.  To make every moment last for an eternal purpose.  To truly understand that every moment in my life has purpose and I have a responsibility to grab those moments and utilize them for the Lord.

During the Summer of 2001, while our Missions Team was in New Zealand, we received word that Matt Pearson had been in a fatal car accident in Northern California.  Those words had never been louder in my ears…seize the day.  God had used Matt as a prime example of his own message.  Our days are short.  They’re numbered.  We only have what has been given to us and we have the privilege to use these moments.  May we be people like Matt.  May we never lose focus on the fact that these days under the Sun are just a vapor in light of eternity…these days are ours to seize.


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