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‘Risen’ Has Already Served Us Well

May 3, 2011

This past month Lakeside had an awesome week of remembering the death and resurrection of Lord, Jesus Christ.  About a month prior, we received our copies of the new Sovereign Grace Music album, Risen.  We made a last minute decision to introduce one of the stronger worship songs from the album during our Good Friday Communion Service in order to prepare the body to sing it again on Resurrection Sunday.  Not necessarily my first choice to have new music on such an evangelistic Sunday as we try to have more familiar worship music to help guide those who may be visiting.  Thankfully, the risk paid off and the church was well focused during our services.  We featured “Name Above All Names” as a special new worship song for the congregation and as a thankful, redeemed body, they sang it well.

One thing we try to do when we introduce new music to our church (which, at most, is one new song a month) is sing it a couple of consecutive weeks in a row so we get used to the tune, melody and lyrics.  It seems like Lakeside really enjoys worshipping with “Name Above All Names.”  Musically, it is somewhat of a ballad which makes it enjoyable for the band.  The verses are contemplative and have a repetitive structure (in a good way) that draws focus to the lyrics, specifically the name of Jesus.  The chorus is easy to belt out which makes it easy for the hearts of the worshippers to proclaim with full emotion, “You are highly exalted!”  And the meditative proclamation of the bridge, “Our knees will bow, our tongues proclaim, that you are Lord of all,” provides a moment of reflection and response to the content found in the rest of the song.

Again, Lakeside is grateful to Sovereign Grace Ministries and Music for their investment in the local church.  Keep it coming, guys!


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